We Are Louisville

Louisville is a river city. Louisville is a crossroads. Louisville is a city of many religions. Louisville is a city of athletes. Louisville is a Southern City. Louisville is a Midwestern city.

Louisville is a city of immigrants. Our city has always been a meeting place for newcomers and long-time residents from all backgrounds—a place where hope and opportunity come together. We welcome and embrace immigrants and refugees: after all, we were newcomers too. Our diverse community has always been strengthened by the arrival of new neighbors and friends.

This website is a place where newly arrived and long-time Louisvillians come together. Whether you’ve lived here for only a week or since you were born, this website is an opportunity for those who want to get involved. Do you have questions or concerns about immigrant and refugee rights in our city? Are you looking for resources that will help you in your immediate situation? Or do you want to get involved with immigrant and refugee communities in Louisville? This website offers resources, contact information, and opportunities to get engaged—whether you are a long-time resident or newly arrived.